Patient Testimonials

Zdeněk, patient

I am very grateful that I was admitted to this hospital on the recommendation of Dr. Jan Doležel. I underwent robotic surgery here, thanks for the professionalism and kindness of Dr. Doležel and the entire medical team of the Surgery Department. The medical staff is simply GREAT. To sum up my experience with this hospital: the physicians are professional and kind. The nurses smile, care, and heal with every glance.

Thank you again.

Iva, patient

Excellent care, many thanks to physicians and nurses. I wish all our hospitals looked and functioned like this one. Mostiště St. Zdislava Hospital is TOP. You’re the best. Special thanks for my excellent care go to the physician, Dr. Igor ŠIMONÍK.

Many thanks.

Aimee, patient

Thanks to everyone who was involved in her rescue and to those who gave her with their positive thinking the energy she needed so much for her recovery.

Congratulations!! An amazing hospital, angels instead of nurses and physicians, absolutely top notch!! A personal experience and thanks to you I lost 65 kg in less than 3 months – thank you.

Lucie, patient

My thanks go to the Head of the Department, Dr. Jiří Bonaventura and the whole staff at the Follow-up Intensive Care Department of Mostiště St. Zdislava Hospital for the very successful treatment of my mum.

Thanks to everyone who participated in her rescue and to those who gave her the energy she desperately needed to recover with their positive thinking.

Leona, patient

I personally have to thoroughly thank the nurses and the auxiliary staff, as well as especially Dr. Šimoník, for their perfect and professional work throughout my hospitalization. Dr. Šimoník is a great guy and wears his heart on his sleeve.

Thank you all very, very much. You are the best.

M. Z., patient from Brno

The doctors here in Mostiště are great. They never show any sign of fatigue. They are robotic guys, with steady hands and great sensitivity, and for the sake of all of us patients they must never make mistakes. Their work is not easy, they have to prove a lot, they also have to show love and understanding to the patients. Nurses are different and special, they are the fairer sex, they have a hard job with us when our body is sick. With a sparkle in their eye, a smile on their lips, they always deal with everything, so let’s sing their praises, nothing can stop us.

Vlasta, patient

A year ago I had the HONOUR to be treated by YOU in the hospital!!! It was incredible for me… such nice nurses and doctors!! It’s unbelievable that it can work so well!!

Thank you!!!

N. P., patient from Brno

I would like to thank the physicians, nurses, and the entire staff of the Mostiště Hospital for their fantastic care and attitude throughout my hospitalisation. I have had 6 operations at different facilities, but you were the best!!!

Thank you again.

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