Your Journey To Health With Us


You identify your health issue and start thinking about a solution

Is treatment in your home country an option?

Long waiting times? High costs? Quality concerns?


Consider treatment abroad

Search for the best solution available

You find the International Patient Program by VAMED MEDITERRA


Send us your requestFill in an online form with the details of your condition or contact us directly

You will receive a response from our team with further information within 48 hours


You provide us with detailed medical records including an X-ray, MRI etc.

Our medical team reviews the submitted documentation and provides the initial consultation

Our doctors suggest treatment options and procedures and you receive an offer of the evaluated costs

Together with your GP, you arrange the necessary pre-operative examinations and submit the results to us


You schedule the most suitable date for your procedure

Finalize travel arrangements (visa, flight tickets, travel insurance etc.) and your post-treatment program and vacation


Board the plane to Prague or Vienna

We pick you up at the airport


Pre-operative examination in the Czech Republic: Internal dept., ENT, stomatology, cardiology, anesthesiology, lab tests, gynecology*

Admission examination

Undergo the procedure

You receive a final medical check-up and discharge summary from your attending physician

Schedule necessary follow-ups at home


Based on your condition and requirements, we can help you arrange special tourist programs for you and your accompanying person (in the Czech Republic, or Austrian wellness resorts)

Return home: You board the plane back home, happy and satisfied

*the specific details can vary depending on your particular case

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