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Orthopaedics ward

Together with its rehabilitation facilities, the orthopedics ward has 28 beds overall, plus additional 3 intensive care beds at the intensive care unit. The bed care section of this ward is situated in the newly built hospital rooms.

The following surgeries are carried out on the orthopaedics ward:

  • Endoprosthesis replacements of large joints (hip, knee, shoulder)
  • Revision surgeries of large joint replacements
  • Arthroscopic surgeries (shoulder, knee, ankle)
  • Foot surgery
  • Cubital and carpal canal syndrom surgeries
  • We remove benign bone or movement apparatus tumours
  • Rheumatic surgery
  • Traumatology

We use these minimally invasive treatments as often as possible, and in indicated cases apply PC navigation. We use the post-surgical blood collection ORTHOP A.S. system or the autotransfusion, and top of the line implants and endoprosthesis. These modern technologies lower the physical burden on the patient’s body which helps the healing process as well as the post-surgical rehabilitation. This, in turn, shortens the hospital stay and the subsequent recovery phase. Minimally invasive methods also lower post-surgical pain and result in smaller scars.


Head physician: MUDr. Jiří Šajnar
Ward nurse: Martina Kubišová
phone: 566 512 360

Specialist team

Head physician:
MUDr. Jiří Šajnar

MUDr. Petr Juda
MUDr. Rostislav Havránek
MUDr. Mario Bertoli
MUDr. Pavel Bělehrádek
MUDr. Karel Němec
MUDr. Nikolas Pávek