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On my way to the hospital

What to bring to the hospital:

  • ID-card and health insurance card
  • personal hygiene objects
  • slippers/sandals
  • pajamas
  • accessible medical documentation
  • in case of a lower limb surgery, crutches or shoulder crutches (orthopedics)
  • internal medicine pre-surgical examination
  • list of the medicine you are using
  • sick leave form, if sick leave has been issued
  • elastic, antithrombotic compressive tights for the lower limbs (orthopedics)

 Leave at home:

  • larger amounts of money, check books, credit cards
  • expensive jewlery
  • alcohol or any other addictive substances
  • weapons

The hospital does not take any responsibility for valuables or money you bring to the hospital.You may arrange with the ward nurse to have such objects placed in the hospital's safe.

After having been received your medical information will be filed and you will then be given an examination, assigned to a hospital bed, and given a change clothes. There you may store your personal belongings in a wardrobe.

The attending nurse and doctor will inform you about your treatment including examinations, therapy, dietary constraints and any other important details. If you have any questions or doubts do not hesitate to turn to attending personnel, they will happily explain anything to you.

When released from our hospital, you will receive a hospital release form that you will give to your general practitioner within three days. Here, the treatment, diagnosis and recommendations for further care are outlined.

You may meet medical school students or doctors from other hospitals, including doctors from abroad, while you are in our hospital as we are a teaching hospital.