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Long-term care unit and Rehabilitation care

The long-term care unit is a medical bed care facility where patients who require a long-term healing care are received. The patients are received from other hospital wards upon recommendation by the respective head physician or by recommendation of their general practitioner.

 Within the long-term care unit, there are patients with chronic illnesses. Within the neurology ward, these are mostly patients who have suffered a stroke. In orthopedics the patients in long-term care are those recovering after a joint apparatus surgery. Patients from surgery wards are patients recovering from complex surgeries and who require a longer rehabilitation period.

LDNThe stay in the long-term care unit is limited to 3 months with the option for one month extension by a health insurance revision doctor. The long-term care unit closely cooperates with the social service sector.

Some beds are offered to patients who cannot be cured but require medical attention. 

All services provided by the hospital are available to patients in long-term care non-stop (laboratories, X-ray, consiliary services in all fields). The long-term care unit closely cooperates with the hospital ensure that if there is a sudden health status deterioration, the patient can be immediately transferred to an acute care bed.


Ward nurse: Stoklasová Jaroslava
Long-term care unit V. - phone: 566 512 370
Long-term care unit VI. - phone: 566 512 372
Subsequent care ward - phone: 566 512 340

Social worker: Bc. Bradáčová Petra
phone: 566 512 34

Specialist team

Head physician:

MUDr. Petr Blaťák


MUDr. Pavel Dobrovolný

MUDr. Radek Tomčík