Our treatments

Bariatric surgery

Surgical procedures on the digestive tract belong to the most efficient treatments of obesity and provide the patients with countless positive benefits, including weight loss, reduced diabetes or a general improvement of the metabolic syndrome.

With our extensive international experience, we perform these procedures at our Robotic Surgery Center by use of minimally invasive techniques and the latest robotic technology.


Orthopedic surgery

Joint pain and limited motion influence every aspect of your life. Our team of professionals, modern technologies, first-class implant materials and intensive care units enable us to perform a wide array of orthopedic interventions to provide you with a timely and effective relief.

We also put a strong emphasis on the continuity of orthopedic procedures and subsequent specialized rehabilitation directly at our facilities to ensure the patients a smooth and most efficient transition back into the normal life.


Plasthic & aesthetic surgery

In the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery, our specialists focus mainly on post-bariatric procedures, helping the patients complete the process of body transformation after significant weight reduction.

Besides post-bariatric procedures and body contouring, we also offer other procedures such as breast remodeling, facelifts, eyelid correction surgery etc. However, based on the patient’s individual needs, we can perform procedures from the whole spectrum of plastic and aesthetic surgery.



We provide a wide spectrum of comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation for clients with orthopedic and neurological diagnoses as well as chronic painful conditions of the musculoskeletal system (such as back pain etc.).

Our focus is also on physical therapy for post-stroke and post-traumatic conditions and patients after orthopedic surgeries.


Surgical procedures

We offer a wide spectrum of surgical procedures performed through the Da Vinci robotic operating system. This is currently the most modern method of laparoscopically performed operations, requiring not only the appropriate technical and instrumentation, but above all a team of top and experienced doctors. The range of robotic operations focuses on the field of urology and the issue of cancer of the colon and rectum. An important part of our surgery is the area of ​​bariatric – metabolic surgery, which focuses on the surgical treatment of obese patients. The performed procedures include, for example, gastric tubulation, gastric bypass, or minigastric bypass. The department also offers a wide range of planned and acute operations, such as hernia surgery, gallbladder and bile duct surgery, varicose vein surgery at the lower ends


Urologic surgery

Using the original da Vinci Surgical System, our robotic surgery team is one of the most experienced in Europe, annually performing over 450 robot-assisted urologic procedures such as radical prostatectomy, partial nephrectomy, adrenal gland removal, pyeloplasty etc.


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