The spectrum of healthcare provided by the orthopaedics ward in the St. Zdislava Hospital

The orthopaedics ward at St. Zdislava Hospital provides diagnostics and heals acute as well as chronic illnesses including some movement apparatus illnesses. Both patients with previously planned treatments as well as patients with acute needs are welcome. They can be received 24 hrs. /day. In case they come to the hospital within working hours, they are received by the respective doctor in the orthopaedics ward, whereas if they come to the hospital outside the working hours, they are received by a doctor from the surgery or from the orthopaedics ward who are available on a stand-by-for emergency basis within the hospital.

This ward focuses especially on surgery care and specialises on carrying out large joint total endoprosthesis surgeries. Another pillar creating this ward´s work is large joint arthroscopic operations.

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