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Mostiště hospital

We offer a wide spectrum of ambulatory (outpatient) hospital care. Our specialty is minimally invasive surgeries such as stomach bandaging, replacements of large joints, and robotic prostate, gut and kidney operations. All this is available for citizens of the Czech Republic as well as for patients from abroad.

MOSTIŠTĚ HOSPITALa hospital with unexpected chances

Nemocnice Mostiště – Your partner in the sphere of healthcare.
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Even during the Robotic Surgery Centre’s sixth year of existence, St. Zdislava Hospital remains the largest provider of this highly specialised care in Czech Republic.

Vysocina region robotic surgery centre

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The orthopaedics ward at St. Zdislava Hospital provides diagnostics and heals acute as well as chronic illnesses including some movement apparatus illnesses. Both patients with previously planned treatments as well as patients with acute needs are welcome. They can be received 24 hrs. /day. In case they come to the hospital within working hours, they are received by the respective doctor in the...

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From 13 to 15 November 2012, St. Zdislava Hospital underwent approval procedure from the Czech accreditation commission SAK (orig.: Spojená akreditační komise, i.e.: United Approval Commission). Undergoing this procedure, our institution became another approved medical facility in the Vysočina region.

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