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Internal housing rules

Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

You have become an interim patient of the hospital “Nemocnice sv. Zdislavy, a.s.” in Mostiště. All our employees´ aim to offer you quality care and help you meet your health goals.

These rules are binding for all patients who are hospitalized in the hospital “Nemocnice sv. Zdislavy, a.s.” in Mostiště. Therefore, we ask all the patients to keep to the following guidelines.

  • During the whole hospital stay, a qualified personnel team will take care of you. It is necessary that you follow their instructions and advice.
  • Information about your health status will be released to you, or after your written consent to an individual of your choosing, through an in person conversation with your doctor. Information is only given over the telephone to you after giving the necessary security information.
  • Your clothes must be given to the assigned employee upon admission to the hospital. It will be safely stored and you will be given the necessary hospital laundry for your stay. You may eventually be allowed to wear your own clothes depending on your agreement with your care team. We recommend placing larger amounts of cash and valuables into the hospital storage system – you will be given a confirmation form for such storage.
  • Patients are obligated to hand over any medication they bring to the hospital upon admission. The attending physician will decide if these medications will be needed during your stay and will return them after release. Upon request, you will be given a confirmation form for the medication you have handed over into storage.
  • Bedclothes are changed according to the need, at minimum once in a week. You have the right for a clean bed, but at the same time, you are also obliged to keep hospital rooms as well as outside areas clean. Be careful with the hospital equipment.
  • You have the right to have a person close to you be with you throughout the duration of your hospital stay. You have the right to define such a person so long as this person´s presence will not impair your treatment and medical care. Within the hospital, these persons may not enter surgery rooms, X-ray rooms or be present during other examinations where the attending physician decides that these person´s presence would impair the medical services provision. The accommodation price is listed in the hospital´s current pricelist.
  • Visiting hours are daily from 2 p.m. until 5 p.m. Outside these hours, it is possible to visit a patient only after the attending personnel´s consent. Due to hygiene and psychological reasons, it is inappropriate to bring individuals below the age of 10 years to the visits. In the case of intensive care units, visits are permitted only upon the attending physician´s consent and with respect to the patient´s current health status as well as taking the other patients´ rights into consideration.
  • The presence of a guide-dog is regulated by specific instructions – see attachment “Asistenční a vodicí psi v NSZ” (Guide dogs in the St. Zdislava Hospital).
  • If you are allowed to take a walk, report your leave to the ward nurse and keep to the time schedule and within the defined area. Hospitalized patients are not permitted off the hospital premises.
  • Smoking is prohibited on hospital premises. The consummation of alcoholic drinks or any other addictive substances is also prohibited.
  • In case of need, we can provide for spiritual services.
  • It is inappropriate to bring valuables or higher amounts of cash into the hospital. If you need to bring these objects with you still, use the option of storing them at the hospital´s cash desk. When leaving the hospital, you will recollect these valuables.
  • There are TVs installed in some rooms on which you can watch television after paying the respective fee according to the hospital´s pricelist. The price for using a private TVs can be found on the current hospital´s pricelist. We would like to ask you not to use the TV during the doctors´ visits and during hours of sleep.
  • We would like to ask you to refrain from using your mobile phones both during the doctors’ visits and during healing procedures.
  • The hours of sleep/rest are set from 10 p.m. until 6 a.m. Be polite and tactful towards the other patients and respect their right for silence and privacy.
  • There are doctoral visits on the wards each day, and in the case of social beds 1x weekly. During these visits, you have the chance to ask your attending physician about anything related to your health status and the medical services provided. You have a right to privacy. If you do not wish to be told information while other persons are present, tell this to your doctor. If you do not wish to be informed about your health status, name the doctor a person who will be given all the information. A record concerning this decision will be made in your documentation, including your signature.
  • Information concerning the health status of the ill persons is provided by the attending physicians or the head physicians.
  • The diet defined by the attending physician is part of your therapy and it is in your interest to keep to this diet. Food for patients is prepared by the hospital´s kitchen employees, and it is served 3x a day. In case of patients who have to remain in bed, the food is served at their bed; the other patients receive their food in their rooms. Following an agreement with your attending physician, you may order premium food.
  • Do not store any perishable food in your bed table. There is a refrigerator available on each ward for storing food. We would like to ask all of you, who wish to store food in the refrigerator, to mark it with your surname and the storage date. The stored food is regularly controlled and the hospital reserves the right to dispose of improperly stored food.
  • In our hospital, waste is being recycled. We would like to ask all of you not to throw any glass, tins or plastic objects into the communal waste container.
  • In case of fire or any other unforeseeable event in the hospital, keep calm and follow hospital employees´ instructions.
  • When leaving the hospital, return all borrowed objects and recollect your clothes and personal objects from storage.
  • Before release from the hospital, you are obligated to pay any fees incurred in connection to the services provided. The attending personnel shall willingly explain to you the possibilities, date and time, as well as the regulation fee payment conditions. In case of the long-term care unit, the regulation fees are always paid at the end of each finished calendar month.

The precondition for a successful therapy is cooperation and mutual trust between the patient and the medical personnel, so be proactive, responsible and show your interest in the process of reacquiring your health and keep to the therapy plan – it is in your best interest!

We would like to thank you for trusting us and hope that you will be pleased with all our services and will remain our hospital´s friend even after your stay.